[PI-SDR] Raspberry PI 3 + 7″ Touchscreen + RTL-SDR + GQRX

YouTube user Chris D has posted a video showing Gqrx in action on his Raspberry Pi equipped with the 7″ touch screen. Chris uses an rtl-sdr dongle with what appears to be a home made upconverter.

Although the Gqrx user interface was neither designed for low resolutions not touch, it looks like there are some functions that can be performed using the touch interface.

Have you done anything cool with Gqrx? Please do let me know!

Author: Alexandru Csete

Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. Radio amateur and SDR hacker during the night.

  • aspire89
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  • MatT

    Anybody after performing apt-get install kali-linux-sdr on raspi have problems with gqrx? Because I cannot run app. Fixing metapackage will be appreciated. THX.

  • Al Higgins

    I was wondering if anyone has done anything for a person with cerebral palsy that can use this with a touch screen? He loves to listen to scanner and ham radio channels. I would need a way to allow him to activate a channel list of say 99 set frequencies and he would tap the screen of one of the channel numbers that the frequency would be on and he could listen to net and other channels. Any help would be appreciated.

    • GarrettS

      GQRX has a bookmarking feature. Using a keyboard’s arrow keys might be easier to use than touch. However, you can load in a .csv list of active local frequencies that will be displayed and would be fairly easy to jump through on a touch screen.

      • Al Higgins

        First, thank you for your response. This individual uses his head to maneuver his electric wheel chair. He can not speak enough to have voice commands. I was looking along the lines of a touch screen where he can manually tap a scan key and listen. If he decided to listen to a desired frequency he could tap manual then hit the number he wants which could have 0-9 keys and tap say 33 then yap ok. It then would select channel 33 which would be selected from a channel list and say 147.015 would come up and he could listen to a local net chat. I hope I explained it in a way that makes it easier to understand his ability to use a special SDR unit that would be a work around for his disability. This is a project that I would like to surprise him with. He is with his family down south for a few months.