Gqrx 2.4 released

One year after the 2.3.2 release, Gqrx 2.4 is now available for download. This release includes both new features, important bug-fixes as well as improvements of existing functionality.

Gqrx 2.4 with Funcube Dongle Pro+

New features

  • Bookmarks.
  • FM RDS decoder using gr-rds.
  • Frequency tooltips on the FFT area (disabled on Mac).
  • Filter shape selector (soft, normal, sharp).
  • Slider to aid zooming on the frequency and dB axes.
  • RFSpace Cloud-IQ support (still work in progress).
  • OIRT stereo decoder (Daniil Cherednik).
  • Input decimator.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent crash due to device errors while starting the application.
  • Use hardware frequency in IQ file names.
  • FFT averaging (it can now be disabled).
  • “Could not resolve pattern10600” error messages in the terminal.
  • Antenna selection error with USRP B210 (Ethan Trewhitt).
  • LNB LO value not updated in I/O config dialog.
  • Initial gain of rtlsdr devices is no longer 0 dB.
  • DSP freeze when setting FM de-emphasis time constant to 0.
  • Use correct main category in desktop entry file.


  • Support up to 1M point FFT.
  • Fractional PPM correction.
  • AGC performance.
  • FFT performance.
  • Right click on frequency digit to clear digits.
  • Robustness against malformed remote control commands.

Ubuntu Packages

Starting with this release, we have a new PPA that contains only Gqrx binaries and uses MyriadRF PPAs for GNU Radio and SDR driver packages. I realize this is inconvenient for existing PPA users; however, this offloads some of the packaging work from me and will ensure more up to date GNU Radio packages for Ubuntu users in the future.

Please make sure you have the previous PPA disabled and old, obsolete packages removed before using the new PPA as instructed on the Ubuntu Install page. Feel free to contact us if you need help with the PPA transition.

Mac OS X binaries

As always, there is an up to date Gqrx package in Macports. There is now also an app bundle available from GitHub or SourceForge. The bundle was built on Mac OS X El Capitan and contains all required third part libraries, as well as the command line utilities that come with the Airspy, RTL-SDR, Hackrf and Bladerf driver libraries. See the included README for details.

Installing from source

The source code can be downloaded from GitHub or SourceForge. Starting with this release, gqrx can also be compiled using cmake, see the README file for details. Building with qmake is still available and will not disappear any time soon, so feel free to use either method.

Have fun!

Author: Alexandru Csete

Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. Radio amateur and SDR hacker during the night.

  • gastonet

    Please, please, please. Can someone post a link to the 2.4 binary for OSX El Capitan? I’ve successfully compiled 2.3.1 long time ago under Yosemite, but I’m having 2 days of frustrations trying to compile 2.4 on El Capitan. Thanks a lot.

    • First, we need somebody to produce a binary before we can post link to one.

      • gastonet

        Great Alex, thanks for your answer. Now. Can someone PLEASE produce a binary for those who are unable to compile or are having troubles? Many thanks in advance and 73

    • Marcel

      I’m running os x 10.11, Install macports and started the install via sudo port install gqrx@20151212 and it fails at attempting to install doxygen.

      Anyone got past that?

  • esseciphoto

    I quote gastonet: I am too unable to successfully compile a binary… please help!
    Many thanks in advance to the kind person that will find some time to do so.


    • I have a binary but it’s not useful until it is bundled with the drivers, gnuradio and Qt. And that will take some time because right now a spend a lot of time being a gqrx helpdesk – something that others could easily help me with but for some reason don’t.

      PS: Have you guys tried macports?

      • esseciphoto

        Tried, but got no much better results!

      • gastonet

        Hi Alex, I’ve tried Macports of course, as I said I’ve successfully compiled 2.3. The problem for me seems to be related to llvm-3.7 which failed everytime. May I help you being helpdesk for gqrx?

        • Anybody can help, that’s why we have a mailing list:

          I have posted an app bundle yesterday, see at the top of the thread.

          • gastonet

            Yes Alex, I downloaded your binary before my offer to help. First, I want to thank you for the effort. Now the app is crashing so I’ll start a thread in the group and start being more active there. 73.

  • Gqrx 2.4 is now available for Mac OS X El Capitan as an app bundle, which also includes the command line utilities that come with the driver libraries. Can be downloaded from