User support

User support is provided via the Gqrx Google Group. You are welcome to ask any questions, post comments and experiences related to gqrx here.

If you have a problem with a specific device, please check the list of known issues on the Supported hardware page first.

Bugs and feature requests are tracked on Github, however, you are welcome to use the Google groups for this purpose as well.

If you need help, please browse the existing topics or do a keyword search before posting. When asking for help on the mailing list, please be as detailed and thorough as possible. Include at least:

  • What are you trying to do?
  • What device are you using (USRP, RTLSDR, Funcube Dongle, …)?
  • What is the exact error you get / problem you are having?
  • What have you tried to resolve the error?
  • Describe in detail what you have done, in particular if you have problems with building from source.
  • Describe the environment you are using (operating system, relevant packages, etc.).

If you get no answer it could be because your question has already been answered, you didn’t provide sufficient amount of details, your question is too generic or people are just too busy with their lives.

Please understand that neither my personal email account nor my Twitter account are intended to be a gqrx help desk, thank you.